PULSE  was so small now it is huge GOSPEL.

As one started movement as a college junior now leads one of the largest student-led evangelism movements in history.

    • Long time ago in 2001 Nick Hall was a student in college and wrote one sentence that have changed many people life “My life exists to put Christ at the pulse of a generation.”
    • Past three years and on 2004 Nick Hall wrote some paper blueprints how his generation should reach Jesus and how to react with Gospel. Small paper blueprint went viral among his friends and students he has never met.
    • This small blueprint allied many students to change campus life into something bigger than anyone could dream.
    • Passed a year and on 2005 this Gospel movement exploded outside the campus and started led others young people into search of Jesus.
    • Nick Hall made a speech to crowd of 5000 people in Bison Sports Arena in Fargo and from August 2006 PULSE movement became formal non-profit organization in the state of North Dakota.
    • During 2007 PULSE movement spread to 5 more communities of Universities and it impacted more than 10000 students around these communities. As people start to pray with PULSE movement, PULSE movement grow constant.
    • On 2008 PULSE spread campuses all across whole North Dakota and governor and first lady opened the night in prayer in the state capital, Bismarck.
    • By 2009 PULSE movement reached more than 50000 students and it is not the end of it. PULSE is still growing and excepting all students and young people who are searching Gospel.

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And now when it passed more than 10 years from last PULSE history signature PULSE is known all over and from church to music festival, from campus to concert arenas PULSE movement is followed by thousands of young people in U.S.

The next one mark of PULSE spread is when July 2016 we saw thousands of Jesus hungry people. These people came from whole Nation n wide and were so different that only reason they all could be in one place was PULSE spread nationwide. All these people were in National Mall in Washington, D.C. to listen speaking about Jesus and to join PULSE movement as they were ready to call Jesus to their hearts.


 Pulse movement

PULSE RESET starts as one-man idea and it grow up exponentially to unite this young people generation around Jesus. Idea came to life, people heard the message and many of them have pressed RESET button to let Jesus to their hearts and listen truth they were missing long time ago.

Reset movement


First RESET message was shared in 2013 and till 2016 more than 220 000 people shared RESET message to each other and to friends they know. That’s how yours closest friend or family person shares with you PULSE movement information and let you join that movement by a free will.

Reset movement National Mall

One-time American Nation has been awakened by Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech, the Jesus People Movement, Explo 72, and Stand in the Gap, and now new generation PULSE movement will awake all young people who are not lost forever.

Every nation has they own city of proud and culture and America got own, it is Washington, D.C and National Mall is the place where met thousands of PULSE movement people in 2016. We have decided that this place will be the backyard of our nation Jesus welcome place.

2016 July 16 will be in history as a date when came to gather thousands of people with different age, race, denomination, and background to pray and welcome Jesus in our hearts.

Reset PULSE movement