Reset book

What you need to do to change your life right now and seek for Jesus words?

“Follow me,” Jesus told his early followers, “and I’ll show you life as it was meant to be lived.”

There is nothing more beautiful in whole galaxy as a life and you have to live it plenty of jy and happiness, to reach it, let Jesus come to your hearth, feel power of love to you and every person you love.

Founder of PULSE movement Nick Hall opens and reminds words that were written long time ago in Bible, but we all have forgotten them.

“Trust me. Follow me. Come to me dirty, and I’ll clean you up. Come broken, and I’ll reassemble the parts. Come desperate, and I’ll replace pain with joy. Come to me with all your questions, all your confusion, all your fear. I can reset your purity, your self-image, your faith. Come.”

There can be many interpretations of these words but one is truth that Jesus loves everyone in the world, he fought for us, he dies for us, he loves us, so why do we don’t believe in Jesus love, why we have forgot about it?

Open our hearts let Jesus come to us, let’s listen his words. 

Thing is so simple, no matter what holds you back, just JOIN PULSE movement, or press RESET on your life, and share Jesus love with everyone you care.


“Welcome to the land of beginning again. Reset tells the stories of starting over and invites us to our second chance.”RESET Book

—Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals and author of Faith in the Voting Booth
“In every generation God raises up voices that speak with boldness and clarity the freedom found only in Jesus. Nick Hall is one of those voices. Reset stirred my own heart again to believe God for an awakening in our nation. When a generation can see Jesus for who he truly is, their lives will be reset and never the same.”

—Banning Liebscher, founder and pastor of Jesus Culture and author of Rooted: The Hidden Places Where God Develops You

“I love the message Nick shares in this book because we all have times we need to reset—to commit ourselves to the only One who can change us from the inside out. So whether you’ve been saved for one day or have had a relationship with Jesus for decades, Reset will give you the courage to go even further into intimacy with our King.”

—Kari Jobe, singer/songwriter

“Our prayer for you, as you make your way through this book, is that your life would be the next one changed. …Jesus really does change everything. Whatever you need ‘reset’ in your life can be changed here and now, today.”

—From the book’s foreword by Josh McDowell, Luis Palau, and Ravi Zacharias

“Jesus is with you in the pain, the struggle, and the unbearable, holding you close and offering you a way out. In Nick Hall’s timely book, Reset, you’ll find the courage to crawl out of despair and into the arms of Jesus, and you’ll find practical advice to live daily in his grace.”

—Michael W. Smith, singer/songwriter

“Nick Hall is dreaming of a generation reset, and I love working with people who dream big! I am so excited about the message of Reset, as I have seen firsthand that Jesus changes everything! Read this book and let the movement begin in us.”

—Christine Caine, evangelist, author,and founder of the A21 Campaign

“I remember thinking the first time I played a PULSE college event with Nick Hall, You can’t miss that he is passionate about reaching this generation with the message of Jesus Christ. I have no doubt Reset will leave an undeniable mark for the gospel.”

—TobyMac, seven-time Grammy winner

“Nick Hall has powerfully put into words an invitation to a journey that is fun to read, overwhelmingly convicting, and accessible. The only thing more persuasive than the simple message of this book is Nick himself. He is a leader of deep conviction, Spirit-filled wisdom, an all-in attitude toward Jesus, and a lovable persona—all of this is captured vividly in the pages of Reset.”

—York Moore, national evangelist for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA

“God is using Nick Hall to call our generation to reset our lives in every way. His vision is large, his passion is contagious, and his energy is endless. Nick Hall believes that now is the time for a reset in America. I am believing God with him!”

—Dr. Ronnie Floyd, president of the Southern Baptist Convention and senior pastor at Cross Church


RESET message was shared already with more than 3 million people, it can’t be wrong message if so many people try to hear it. Just chose which part makes you happy, which message part brings Jesus into your life.



Nick Hall PULSE movement

Many people say that he is transformer of old church word into new generation voice that can be delivered to young people.

  • Nick Hall already shared Jesus word to millions of students who came to listen Gospel in high performed events.
  • Nick Hall wrote the forthcoming book “Reset: Jesus Changes Everything” (Multnomah, June 7, 2016).
  • Nick Hall was welcomed to the National Facilitation Committee for the Mission America Coalition (MAC) spring of 2011.
  • Nick Hall makes part of Leadership of US Lausanne Committee, the National Association of Evangelicals.
  • Working together with team for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) and holds partnership with evangelist with the Luis Palau Association.