PULSE in Ukraine

Many of people can be saying that East Europe was a post-Christian but you all need to know that in May of 2015 PULSE reached more than 65 thousand of Ukraine students who were ready to join RESET and push that button in their life to join PULSE and hear and feel Jesus in their life.

PULSE came across Ukraine country and visited 6 biggest cities of the Nation.

Some facts to be clear about Ukraine:

Pulse Ukraine

Ukraine came to independence in 1991, as it breached out of Soviet Union. Country religion is Eastern Orthodoxy with small exceptions.

What we can say for sure it was something that Ukraine have never seen and that evangelism model that lives in country were outdated and old fashioned and do not follow new generation youth.

hat new generation were searching a connect to them and PULSE brought it to them. There was a problem that culture and life changed and went with a time we live but message to Jesus left behind long time ago.

To be clear everyone in ministers or church want to speak to new generation youth but simple do not know how to do it right now.

And for purpose were invited PULSE, to help youth and church speak in same language, that language could reach Jesus in everyone hearts.

All information we have about PULSE and NEXT we translated into Ukrainian and Russian that everyone could spread the idea of PULSE movement.

On early 2014 fall PULSE spent time on targeted convening leaders’ trainings and building momentum together. Ravi Zacharias was guide of PULSE to help movement to reach local pastors.

PULSE hosted youth rallies and church joined UNITE events in 2014 fall.

During 2015 spring we held MOVEMENT Evangelism Training events everywhere we go, on cities or country sides of Ukraine. We have spread that virus of PULSE to people as many as we could, that everyone could spread that news to other people who do not know how to let inside Jesus into your hearth.

PULSE have reach the biggest victory we could ever wish; Jesus word have spread as a ripple effect.

PULSE have held events in Dnepropetrovsk, Melitopol, Odessa, Mykolaiv, Khmelnytskyi and capital of Ukraine Kiev.

Pulse Ukraine Map

As we came to new place we breach our attendance records again and again, and we could not accept all were intended to come to see PULSE

Crows were so big that rooms or places were way to small. PULSE meeting were held for more than 20 thousand people at the city festival.

It was held in Kiev public squire and next night we find each other in downtown night club.

We have to shout it loud that thousands of youth in Ukraine comes to follow Jesus.

PULSE Ukraine Kutless

Out of record history we should know all:

As PULSE were traveling from city to city we had a wonderful photographer named Julie. Julie were not intended to join PULSE and she had never though she will RESET her life to join Jesus.

And at the end of our trip we asked July what do she feels about Jesus and the news we spreading about Jesus to everyone young person.

She answered to us that: every time she listening that Jesus comes to every lost sheep, and he loves every person in world, she knew, that that lost sheep was her, and she was crying behind the scene.

PULSE came to many young people hearts with Jesus word, and same has happened with our photographer Julie.