PULSE in Columbia

In 2014 we have been in NY and more than 1500 students of biggest Columbia University campus joined our search of Jesus love. That was a public response for seeking Jesus Gospel in one night.

How did it start there?

PULSE in Columbia

In 2014 Fall PULSE were invited to Columbia University by the leaders of students.

We came there as we were sure that these young people are searching for right answer how to let Jesus to their life and how to start pray.

We came there as in Columbia University it is very unpopular to believe in Jesus and we wanted to share our knowledge of the beauty of Jesus LOVE.

Many students of this Columbia University were sure that love to Jesus and intellectual it is not what they can mix in their life.

The main reason so many young people do not understand and know Jesus LOVE is that media shows Christians in not that way we see them and not that way we share news about them.

Almost no one of these students know what Jesus is and what he offers for us and our main goal was to share Jesus word and spread Jesus love to all of them.

PULSE shared knowledge of what means to Follow Jesus and how Jesus take care of every people in the world. PULSE were asked to bring and share not complex Jesus word to all young people in Columbia University.

We knew form history that every person who hears our message about PULSE movement and Jesus love will spread our word to many friends and family persons.

This whole idea started in August, 2014 as 21 people from 15 Columbia churches and ministries joined PULSE team In New York.

PULSE in Columbia prayer

The only main goal was to find the way and inner strength to bring Jesus word to Columbia and to gather as many as possible young people to listen what PULSE can offer for them.

Leaders of church were intended to reach 600 students in Columbia campus, and that number would be more than enough for first round.

We prayed God and we emailed everyone on PULSE email list, to do it as well as we need everyone help alongside us.

We hosted our PULSE event at St. Paul’s Chapel in New York, and here came students and people to pray for our goal together.

In 2014 September our students were full of Love to Jesus and were ready to share and spread that knowledge in their campus. 

On the day of main event on October 2 our prepared students of Columbia University. Together they were making the biggest campus event of the year in Columbia University.

Many of them were not familiar with Jesus love but still they were working together to make it happen. Everyone who was working with PULSE that autumn were interested to spread Jesus word to as many people as possible. 

We were sure that this concert will be not an ordinary and that concert will change many young people lives for sure; Colton Dixon was there, Switchfoot was there.

PULSE Columbia artists

As leaders of Columbia University church were interested to reach 600 young people in one place, we got more than 1500 people to come.

About 130 students made public response to the Gospel. Ministry leaders spoke to us and said that this number is much bigger than they get students per year to come and listen Jesus word and all this happen in one night that is PULSE power.

We know for right that Gospel works for every young or old person in the world but we know one for sure, these days’ young people are missing connection to Jesus and thru PULSE Gospel we will deliver that word to them. 

As many times we heard that this generation young people are domed and bad, they don’t want nothing, they can’t focus on nothing. So hear it loud and right now: God is resetting this generation.

We were exited how this campus turned into God love and how it will be shared with family and friends. We were praying with Columbia University future generation and we are sure that this domino effect will work fine and every year people count will grow exponent. 

“Don’t let anyone tell you that the Gospel isn’t effective or relevant to different audiences. I don’t care if you’re at a tech school or an Ivy League, on Wall Street or Main Street in your community—Jesus saves and the Gospel works.”

—Nick Hall