PULSE do and we will do for only to awake young generation renew connection with Jesus.



PULSE is a prayer and evangelism movement on mission to bring young students to Church and to help them reach and understand word of God.

PULSE big event

We bring new look of Jesus word to new one youth generation, and we try to deliver it with voice and media resonate youth culture.

To be clear we are not making PULSE name popular we try to share Jesus word to every young person we can meet.

Since PULSE’s founding, we met and shake hands with many ministries and church leaders to help each other spread Jesus word to new young people generation that everyone think is lost.

We travel whole world we try to spread word about PULSE and RESET movement, and we try to fuel evangelistic movements.

Do we host big concert event or we are invited to small church weekend event we spread same news to any who are intended to listen us: Jesus loves you join him right now.

Every 2 days we share Jesus word with people who comes to listen for us, and we are doing it every year from year to year.

We truly believe that very big events like concerts helps us reach students and young generation more easy than small one events. It is the best way to reach new generation with Jesus word.

All our events we host or hold are made in strategical calculation as we will leave that campus or country, we will leave Jesus word spreading news to local leaders. 

What is Reset and how it Lives?

Every time when PULSE event ends we meet people and they share with us bullets, guns bottles, suicide notes and many things we should avoid, and better start listening Jesus words. 

Sharing Jesus love changes many people lives instant, don’t forget it young man, Jesus loves every and he is near for everyone. 

Why PULSE Meeting a Needs?

Young generation now days struggling with self-harm, crime, depression, suicide at unprecedented rates.

Statistics is only numbers but behind every number is a life person hurting life story that could be changed and could be different if that young man could hear and be near Jesus love. 

PULSE tide we made

What tide PULSE made?

Over a half of million people committed to follow Jesus through the ministry of PULSE and these numbers are growing exponential every year. Join us right now!

PULSE is a movement that moves on our all prayers to Jesus. Every meeting we hold or host we pray for Jesus to awake our heats. 

Prayer and evangelism are the two heartbeats of PULSE.